Devin Ward - ALS Warrior

Strolling with Fiona on the Pismo Coast.

Devin can often be spotted rolling around the Central California coast in his power chair with a Cockatoo named Fiona perched over his shoulder.  In the spring, he sports a purple beard for all the ALS fundraising activities.

Devin was born and raised in rural, Central Pennsylvania farm country and settled in Arroyo Grande, CA in the year 2000 after living, working and studying abroad in Germany and Japan for 15 years.

Upon arrival in California, Devin immediately pursued his California teaching credential and was employed as a first and second grade teacher in Santa Maria Bonita School District until his ALS diagnosis in 2015.

Trike riding at Pismo Beach

Needless to say, Devin’s life has changed considerably over the past five years.  He is now dependent on a ventilator with a trache 24/7 and  can no longer eat, walk or talk.

Although he is limited physically, Devin tries to maintain a positive outlook and remains hopeful for future treatments and a cure.  He is very much inspired by and grateful for family, friends, neighbors and strangers who continue to love and support him.

Devin speaking at the 2017 Walk at CalPoly, San Luis Obispo, CA

 Devin has led Devin’s Defeaters in fundraising efforts since 2016.  To date our team has raised over $80,000 in the fight against ALS.

Created by Devin Ward