Personal Donations to Devin

Personal donations pay for medical supplies, medications, equipment and the ability to stay in his home.

 An ALS diagnosis in the United States is not only devastating emotionally, but it’s financially crippling. The USA lacks Universal Healthcare and because standard health insurance, including Medicare, does not cover home-care, there is no financial safety net for middle class patients.

Home-care for ALS patients in the late stages of the disease runs between $100,000 to $200,000 a year.  Bankruptcies, foreclosures and early death due to lack of financial resources is, unfortunately, all too common.

Donations help with Devin’s ongoing treatments, drugs and care.

 "Prior to my diagnosis, I had always supported myself, helped friends in financial need and gladly paid my heavy share of taxes as a single adult with no dependents.  In my eyes, I was doing my part for the common good.  I was what is known as a "net giver" and that’s what was most comfortable for me.

The tables have turned and I’m now a "net taker."  I’m not at all happy about this.  It’s not easy for me to accept financial help, but I now have to rely on others and it’s incredibly humbling." - Devin     

Will you help with Devin’s healthcare fund?

"Unfortunately, my monthly expenses have exceeded my disability income for the past three years.  I’ve had to supplement my income by robbing funds earmarked for my quickly disappearing future to pay for my mortgage,utilities, living expenses for Jimmie and me, medications, treatments and a new vehicle.  This, in turn, has caused my taxes to increase.  Yes, this completely disabled, terminally ill man paid 28 % in income taxes last year!" - Devin 

Any donations to Devin can be made via PayPal here: 
Donations are also accepted via Venmo @devin-ward-2
or through the Facebook "send or receive money" icon.  If sending a check, please email for Devin’s address.  No donation is too small.  Even five dollars helps. Much love and thanks to all who have donated.

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